What to Expect on Surgery Day

Plan to arrive at the Surgery Center 90 minutes before your scheduled operative time. Do not eat or drink anything for 8 hours prior to surgery, unless Dr. Green instructs you otherwise. There is no need to shave the genital area before surgery as the O.R. staff will clip hair as needed as part of the operative preparations.

After your arrival at the Surgery Center, you will be taken to the surgical preoperative area. Your significant other can stay with you until you go back to the operating room if you desire. Dr. Green will greet you in the preoperative suite, and he will answer any remaining questions that you might have. You will also meet your anesthesiologist, who will help you decide on the best choice of anesthesia for your particular case.

A nurse will insert an I.V. in the preoperative area, and once we are ready to proceed, you will receive a sedative. The majority of patients do not recall anything after this until they awaken in the recovery area after surgery.

Once surgery is completed and you awaken in the recovery area, you may feel some numbness of the scrotum. Pain is minimal if at all. As the local anesthetic wears off after a few hours, you might feel some discomfort. We provide an ice pack to apply to the scrotal area to decrease the chances of swelling and to ease any soreness. You should be sure to apply the cold pack over the scrotal support. Never apply ice directly to the skin. The chance of any significant bleeding is extremely low, but you may see some mild oozing of blood from between the sutures or out of the drains. This is of little concern and is to be expected.

You will be discharged from the Surgery Center once you are awake and fully alert. A responsible adult must escort you out of the Center to take you home or to the hotel. You may not take a cab alone, and you will not be able to drive for at least 24 hours after surgery. Prescriptions for pain relief and an antibiotic will also be given to you.