Most procedures for infertility are not covered by insurance. A fee of $1,500 is required at the time surgery is scheduled to reserve the time in the operating suite and high-powered microscope. This fee is non-refundable if surgery is cancelled. Surgery can be rescheduled once, at no charge, if we are notified at least 3 weeks ahead of the scheduled surgery date. If surgery needs to be rescheduled by you a second time, an additional reservation fee will be required. This additional fee will be applied to the total cost of surgery.

Vasectomy Reversal - Vasovasostomy (V-V)

$7,950.00 - Includes surgeon's fee, surgery center expense, anesthesia, all consultations and office visits. The balance of $6,450 ($1,500 deposit applied) is due one week prior to surgery.

Dr. Green does not charge any extra fee for a vasoepididymostomy if needed.

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