Operating Room Pictures

Operating Room with Microscope

Our operating room set-up with microscope and high definition video tower

Operating Room with Microscope

High-powered operating room microscope draped for surgery

Vasectomy reversal - vas deferens

Through a small opening in the upper scrotum, the vas deferens is identified. This image is magnified significantly, and the incision is actually less than one inch long. In this picture, the vas is being held with clamps above and below an area of scar tissue that has developed as a result of prior vasectomy.

Vasectomy reversal - sutures to be tied

The vas has been dissected free of the scar tissue. Note the narrowed area between the clamps. This is the location where the vas was divided at the time of vasectomy.

Vasectomy reversal - lumen

The vas has been cut with a microscopic knife on both sides of the vasectomy site to leave two clean, healthy edges. The lumen that needs to be reconnected looks like a small red dot at the center of the two ends of the vas.

Vasectomy reversal - micro-sutures

10-0 micro-sutures have been sewn to the back half of the vas.

Vasectomy reversal - vas cut

A tiny forceps is inserted in the lumen of the vas to confirm patency.

Vasectomy reversal - vas dissected

The remaining inner layer of 10-0 micro-sutures has been thrown, and the sutures are about to be tied.

Vasectomy reversal - completed vasovasostomy

The completed vasovasostomy, with a second layer of 9-0 micro-sutures tied.

Vasectomy-reversal - dissection of other vas

Identification and dissection of the vas on the other side.

Vasectomy-reversal - vas ends brought together

The ends of the vas being brought together.

Vasectomy-reversal - inner layer of sutures

The inner layer of sutures has been thrown.

Vasectomy-reversal - patency is confirmed

Patency is confirmed.

Vasectomy-reversal - completed vasovasostomy

The completed vasovasostomy on the other side. Note the tiny opening in the scrotum, which is associated with less discomfort than if a larger incision were made.