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Sperm Aspiration

We get many inquiries on this topic. Rather than undergo a reversal, sperm can be obtained from the testicle or epididymus and used to inject the eggs that are obtained from the wife. This is known as ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection.  Other than the obvious difference in cost, (reversal is significantly lower in cost) there are several reasons why reversal should be considered first, and use the sperm aspiration as a back-up procedure.

If sperm are aspirated from the epididymus, the duct can be scarred and subsequent reversal attempts may require a vasoepididymostomy rather than a reversal.  We have done reversals on patients after sperm aspiration and have found sperm at the vasal end and have been able to do a reversal (vasovasostomy), but frequently a vasoepididymostomy is required. IVF/ICSI has the potential for complications related to egg retrieval, ovarian stimulation and multiple gestations.

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