Florida Urologist John Gatewood MD specializes in vasectomy reversals and redos.

Vasectomy Reversal Successes

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Another vasectomy reversal success!August 26, 2003
Dear Dr. Gatewood and Staff,

My husband Chey (Dustin) and I were down in January 2002 for his vasectomy reversal. We are proud to announce the birth of our beautiful daughter, Abigail Mae on August 11, 2003. We became pregnant 2 months after stopping birth control, less than one year after surgery.

You and your staff are truly a blessing to us and we thank you for helping the Lord bring us the most amazing gift...our little girl.

God bless you!

Sincerely, Belinda and Dustin Chey

Product of Dr. Gatewood's skilled vasectomy reversal microsurgery.

Dr. Gatewood and his staff have made my dreams of becoming a parent true. My husband had his reversal June of 2001 and I became pregnant with our son April of 2002. I myself had difficulty conceiving; however, my husband's sperm count was wonderful.

We have the most beautiful son in the world and he has truly made our lives complete. I can never thank Dr. Gatewood and his staff enough.

James & Deanna


Twins resulting from vasectomy reversal microsurgery.


Dear Dr. Gatewood,

I just wanted to thank you again for the great treatment I received from you and your staff.  Once again you performed another successful reversal surgery and my wife and I now have a beautiful son!

Reversal surgery occurred 16 years after vasectomy!

Thank you again, you are a truly blessed and gifted surgeon.


Dear Dr. Gatewood and Staff,

We just wanted to thank you and your wonderful office and medical staff and tell you our happy ending. David has his reversal done on August 1, 2002, and we conceived our baby boy the week we found out our six months test results in February of 2003. So we had a baby on October 13, a year and two months after having the procedure.

We named him Jonathan, which means God gave. He is definitely proof of God's grace and goodness! When we started our marriage, we were certain we would never have our own biological children, so we are thrilled to have a beautiful, healthy son, the first child for us both. We will pray that you and your practice will continue to bless other couples with your talent for this procedure!

Thank you so much!

Jamie & David

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Florida Urologist John Gatewood MD specializes in vasectomy reversals and redos.