Welcome to Dr. Joshua Green's Center for Vasectomy Reversal on the Beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida.

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As an expert in the complex field of microsurgery and male infertility, Joshua Green, M.D. created this website as a resource for men and women who would like to learn more about becoming a parent after vasectomy. Whether you are looking for an expert in vasectomy reversal in the Tampa Bay region of southwest Florida, or are just gathering information at the start of your journey, this website offers everything you need to know.

Dr. Joshua Green specializes in performing microsurgical vasovasostomy, commonly referred to as vasectomy reversal. He has performed hundreds of microscopic infertility procedures and takes great pride in his remarkable success rates. Dr. Green is meticulous in his surgical technique, maximizing his visualization with a state-of-the-art, high-power operating microscope. Microscopic sutures, which are about 1/3 the diameter of a human hair, are utilized to create a multilayered reconnection of the vas deferens to maximize patency. All cases are performed in an accredited surgery center located in Sarasota, Florida, less than 35 miles from Tampa Bay. A Board-Certified anesthesiologist is involved with every case to ensure your total comfort during the procedure.

Feel welcome to browse our website to discover all that Joshua Green, M.D. has to offer. If you would like to discuss your specific situation with Dr. Green, either in person or over the phone, please give us a call at 941-894-6428 or fill out the contact information above, to arrange your free consultation.

Dr. Green. Thank you so much for making this miracle happen. 11+ years after my husbands vasectomy and you were still able to make this successful a procedure. A year after surgery and we found out we were pregnant.

Dr Green,
We would like to thank you again and share with you that we are currently 10weeks pregnant with 2 confirmed ultrasounds and a strong fetal heart rate. Every one that has helped us through out our experience with your services has been wonderful!
Thank you so much and God Bless!

I had my vasectomy done 10 years ago and another  urologist gave me 20% chance of success and told me not to even bother reversing it. My wife and I still had big faith that God was going to work with us. Me being 42 and my wife being 33 of age we thought it was almost impossible but we still went for it. Then Doctor Green did the reversal. I thought I was going to wait 10 months or maybe a year-and-a-half but my wife was already pregnant 3 months after Dr. Green did the reversal on me. The baby is 100% healthy and now the baby is about to be 1 year old in June. Thank you Lord and thank you Doctor Green he is the best.

We would like to thank you again and share with you that we are currently 10weeks pregnant with 2 confirmed ultrasounds and a strong fetal heart rate. Every one that has helped us through out our experience with your services has been wonderful!
Thank you so much and God Bless!
Mr & Mrs R. 😊
Surgery: January 2019

Mr & Mrs R.

Thank you beyond words for your part in the birth of our daughter.  It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you for taking such wonderful care of my husband.  Love the happiest new mom and blessed wife.

Can you please let Dr. Green know that his procedure was successful, and I'm pregnant after trying for ONE CYCLE? We heard the heartbeat last week. Baby due in July 2019. 🙂

We had our perfect reversal baby a month ago and he totally completes our family. I'm attaching a picture of him. Thank you so much for giving us what everyone said would be impossible!

If anybody wants to ask me questions about this Im happy to help. Dr Green is a Hero to me I had mine done summer of 2017 and we are expecting my son in december...You cant get a better Dr ..He has a rare combo of skill and bedside manner. 100% happy with him.

on behalf of my husband we wanted to thank you. After the reversal it took just 5 months for us to get pregnant. We now have a beautiful 6 month old son. You and your team did an excellent job. If anyone is looking for a reversal we will certainly recommend you. Thank you again!

Here is a pictures of our angel. Thank you and God bless! We are over the 🌙!

I just wanted to let Dr. Green know the results of the reversal I had done. We just welcomed our Baby. Thanks and god bless.

Dad's vasectomy was thirteen years old. This is his first and only biological child. Our miracle baby. Dr. Green performed the most amazing surgery which was a huge success, against all odds. Thank you for changing our lives forever and helping us give my beautiful husband the greatest gift of all... A beautiful little version of himself.

So... Guess what?? We had a baby!!! We had a beautiful and perfectly healthy baby girl on March 1st. We want to travel out there to see Dr Green and thank him and get her picture with him. This is truly amazing. After thirteen years, the reversal was a complete success and we need to show her off to him. We're so grateful. Words can't even express how we feel...

I just wanted to write you and Dr. Green with an update. Its been almost 4 months since my husband had his reversal and I've been meaning to email you so we can say we are officially 9 weeks pregnant today!! We got pregnant just two months after surgery. I'm really in shock and want to thank you both for making this possible. Thank you again!

We are over the moon happy to share the news of our sweet baby boy who is now 7 months old. Thank you for everything that was done to make this possible, we are beyond grateful.

Hi Dr. Green.  You did my surgery a few years back and we had another son and now another baby just 3 weeks ago.  Thank you, thank you.

Dr. Green - Thank you for helping our family grow.  Two blessings in two years.

Dr. Green- Thank you so much for our holiday blessing.  We are so grateful.

I am just emailing to let you know how thankful we are for you and your surgery skills. My surgery was only 4 months ago and we just found out we are pregnant! Can’t thank you enough!

Cannot thank you and Dr Green enough for the amazing job with my husbands reversal. The work you guys do is truly amazing and a blessing 🙂 Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Hi Dr. Green,  My husband and myself just wanted to say thank you so much for making this possible. You did my husband's surgery June 8 and he was 18 years into a vasectomy. On September 1 we found out I was pregnant. We couldn't be happier. To be honest I was shocked at work so fast. You have given us such an amazing gift and I can't thank you enough. We were able to have an ultrasound a bit early and hear the heartbeat and everything is running on schedule. I have included a picture of our little peanut. Thank you from the bottom of my heart it was all worth it!!

I just want to thank you Dr. Green for your expertise.  I could not be more excited for the arrival of my son in a few months.

your reversal worked! 2 babies in last 14 months!  Can’t thank you enough.

I had a reversal done by Dr Green on Thursday and I rate him and his team A+!!! They are pros and I wouldn't change a thing.

7 pounds 1 ounce and 20.25 inches long. He is almost 3 months old now. We have had first pool times and today our first beach day! We wouldn't have any baby firsts without Dr Green! I can't express or put into words how forever grateful we are!!!!! Thank you so much! We are so so so in love!

Dr. Green, My husband recently reminded me that we had not shared our news with you. We had baby On March 21. He's perfect in every way. Thank you again for the work that you do. 

Very impressed from start to finish..Dr. Green answered all of our questions and spentlots of timewith us before and after surgeryto mak us feel comfortable.  He gave us his personal cell phone number and said we could call anytime.  Could not be happier with t he experience.

Thank you


My husband and I want to share the news and excitement of the newest addition to our family of 3! Now we are a family of 4 :). A healthy little princess!!! Thanks to you and Dr. Green in the entire reversal process prodecure :). Sincerely

A & J

Dr Green is an exceptional surgeon with great results !

Dr. Green and his staff were amazing. We now have a 2 month old son and couldn't be happier with his services!!!

Great doctor! Excellent bed side manor and very thorough. We had my husband's 12 year reversal done back in September and it was successful. We aren't pregnant yet but the semen analysis results were great!! Thanks you Dr. Green!!

Dr. Green was awesome and I am happy that I picked this office.


Hi Dr. Green, It’s Mrs.____.  You performed my husband’s vasectomy reversal in December.  I wanted to share with you that I am 16 weeks pregnant and feeling great.  Thank you for everything.  We’ll send pictures soon.


Excellent.  Amazing.  I’ve never met a more passionate doctor.  The skill it takes for this procedure is intense.  We are so thankful for such wonderful care.  We are hopeful for the future


Best physician experience ever.  The level of skill Dr. Green exhibits combined with the personal care and concern by not only Dr. Green but the staff at the surgical center exemplifies how medical care should be.  Dr. Green even saw me on a HOLIDAY weekend the week after surgery to ease my mind regarding some post surgical inflammation. He took his time on the initial consult to answer all of our questions and concerns in a manner that made me comfortable with the procedure I was anxious about.  He visited me in my hotel the day following the procedure as I was an out town patient. I cannot express how impressed I am with Dr. Green and the team he has assembled.



Dr. Green performed a vasectomy reversal on my husband and we are extremely excited to tell you that we are expecting a baby boy in April.  We can’t thank you enough for the gift you have given our family. 


Dr. Green was great. The experience was great and he was very personable.  I felt that he gave me adequate time to ask any questions and provided great literature after the procedure.  The surgery center and staff were amazing. I couldn't ask for anything else in this entire process!

Hi Dr. Green, We wanted to send you a special thank you for being such an important part in the making of our beautiful baby girl!  Healthy, happy and the love of our lives!

We just had our ultrasound and found out we are having a “Girl”.  Thanks for everything!

Hello Dr. Green:

With unbridled joy and long-awaited anticipation we proudly present our daughter to you and your team! We are incredibly thankful for your expertise and the indispensable role you played in helping us achieve our dream of becoming parents.  Again, we cannot begin to thank you enough for what you have helped us accomplish.  We wish you, your family, and your staff well. Thank you!

Best regards,

R & A

Last July, 2015,  Dr. Green performed my reversal.  On October 23, 2016 my wife and I had our daughter!  Thank you Dr. Green and everyone involved!!

My operation went extremely well.  Both Dr. Green and his staff were very supportive and always available for questions.  Thank you so much for making this experience as pleasant as it could be.


My husband had surgery two months ago and I wanted to let you all know that WE ARE  pregnant!  I wanted to thank you all for everything you’ve done.  I’ll be sending you a picture when the little one comes.  Thank you again for everything and we really appreciate it.

Hi Dr. Green....great news...my wife and I are expecting!!!  Thank you for doing an awesome job.


Thanks to God and Dr. Green for this angel!

So we were not expecting this so quickly... But please tell dr green how forever grateful we are!!!! We are so excited!!!!!!

My husband had surgery 8 weeks ago and I wanted to call and let you know that WE ARE PREGNANT!  I just wanted to thank you all for everything that you did and I’ll be sending you a picture when the little one comes.  Thank you again for everything and we really appreciate it.

I had an excellent experience in the care of Dr. Green and his staff. Every part of the process was very professional and thorough. I have already recommended your center with highest regards and will continue to do so. 


Dear Dr. Green- My husband had a vasectomy reversal last year in April at your office and we are thrilled with your work and surgery results. I got pregnant 6 months after the surgery and now we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl! We want to thank you and your team for all that you do. You changed our lives by making this possible for us. Our little angel, our baby girl, is wonderful and brings so much joy to our family! My husband had a good recovery and no issues after the surgery. You did an amazing job. It was hard for us to put all our hopes that it would work after 10 years of vasectomy. Our baby is a miracle, we love her very much and we thank you for that, that we have our baby. She is weeks old now and doing wonderful! Again, we can’t thank you enough for making that happen!

Our experience with Dr. Green was great. From the initial consultation to the day of the procedure the entire process was seamless! The staff at Dr. Green’s office was spectacular. The procedure was completed as planned and so far the recovery has been perfect. Thank you for a great experience. We are looking forward to the results. Hopefully we will be able to send an update with some good news in a couple months. Thank you, 

K & J

Thank you so much! We had a pleasure working with the both of you! You've been extremely helpful and have always been so prompt in answering any questions. We'd highly recommend your office. Thank you again for everything! 


Excellent staff and service! I'm extremely happy with my progress. Thank you.


Dr. Green was very professional, responsive and friendly.  He was very competent, thorough and prompt.  Surgery took the exact amount of time he said. No problems afterwards.  Recommended with the highest regards.


We had an excellent experience with Dr. Green and his practice.  Julie was always available when questions came up prior to the procedure.  Dr. Green has excellent bedside manner and really cared about our experience.  We felt very comfortable with him.  We would highly recommend this practice to others who are in the market for a vasectomy reversal.

J and M. G.

Can I just say again how appreciative we are for everything and all of y'all!!!!! We have nothing but 10s to give y'all across the board! I have never been as optimistic as I am now. Look forward to sending a picture of a baby.


Thanks again!! You've been so awesome and helpful during this whole experience (and of course Dr. Green too!!)! I Cannot wait to refer someone to you guys 🙂


I just want to thank you for all your help. The entire process (info, scheduling, procedure, and after care follow-up) with Dr Green and you was wonderful. My wife and I thank you for being as caring and helpful as you all are. Thank You Again


Hi Dr. Green! Just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for the wonderful work you did for my husband. It's official....I'm pregnant!! 7 weeks today. I can't thank you enough and we really appreciated your personal attention to us and accommodating us meeting you early the next morning. You couldn't ask for a better Doctor. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Just wanted to thank you for giving us this gift. You did my husbands reversal and our son graced us with his presence earlier this month!!! We can't thank you enough. Your staff both in office and at the surgical center were beyond amazing and I have recommended you to several families since then!! Thank you again.


Thank you for your assistance in getting us pregnant. We so appreciated all your guidance, friendly and sincere staff, who made us feel very confident and comfortable with your services. Dr. Green, your talent and skill in creating a new life is so appreciated. Our sincerest thank you.

J & S S.

We came for a reversal a year half ago and guess what.. a year and half later ..It's a girl !! Beautiful and healthy. Thank you and thank God. Very happy and grateful.


Hello Dr. Green and Staff, Just thought you would like to know, it took us a while from the time we had our procedure, but happy to report that we had a beautiful baby girl last week and all is well. Thank you for your services! Best


I am writing you to let you know it worked. Our daughter is perfect! Thank you so much!


Dr. Green was amazing and his staff was wonderful.


This past year has been a whirlwind. My husband had a reversal in 11 years after his vasectomy. You and Julie were incredible to us. Thank you for everything. Our daughter was born in September. Keep up your amazing work. With my deepest gratitude


Thank you for your masterful work that helped us have our son.


A miracle took place sooner than we expected. Thank you Dr. Green for making this possible!


Very professional and highly skilled surgeon. Can't wait to start another family with my wife. Thank you Dr. Josh!


Dr. Green and staff, I want to thank you for everything you did for me and my future family. The experience was comfortable and at ease. Everyone was caring and very enjoyable to be around. Dr. Green, I want to thank you for your bedside manner and making me feel at ease during this process. It is wonderful to see such caring individuals. Your entire staff is outstanding and it was a pleasure to meet everyone. Thank you again.


My husband had a vasectomy reversal performed by you after a 25 year old vasectomy. We are very happy to announce that we found out that we were pregnant and had a healthy baby boy. We had just started the adoption process thinking that we may not be able to have our own biological children and because of you....we are blessed with our son. Thank you so much.


Hi Doctor Green, hope all is well. Just wanted to update you - we had a healthy baby girl, 7 pounds 11 ounces 🙂 Thank you for everything you did for us!


I have Dr. Green to thank for my 2 daughters. I had a vasectomy reversal and Dr. Green successfully performed what I was told by others to be a very difficult surgery with a high failure rate. My wife and I are forever thankful for the skill of Dr. green as we now have 2 beautiful daughters because of Dr. Green. I would highly recommend this doctor.


I used Dr. Green for my hubby!!! We now have a 9 month old baby girl and my hubby was 15 years post vasectomy!! Dr. Green did a good job, knows what he’s doing.


I want to thank everyone at the office for everything! Especially Dr Green. He was so kind & patient with us...he is truly an awesome doctor (both coming from the patient perspective & the nurse perspective)!


My husband had a vasectomy reversal with Dr. Green and we are so excited to be able to inform him we are pregnant after 15 months of trying with no other form of intervention. Thank you for everything!


Hi, just wanted to let you guys know that my wife is sixteen weeks pregnant. Thank you guys for everything just about six months after the reversal she's pregnant.


Just wanted to let you know we are 5 weeks pregnant. Thank you Dr Green and staff for all you did for us!!


Husband had vasectomy reversal by Dr. Green. I found out today, that I'm pregnant. We are so happy. Thank you Dr. Green. I highly recommend Dr. Green and his wonderful staff. He made our dreams come true.


Dr. Green, You and your staff are amazing ... hands down will recommend you to anyone! You have a gift. Thank you so much for your wonderful work. I couldn't be any happier because of you we have a beautiful, happy and healthy baby boy. I am so in love with him.


Thank you Dr. Green for giving us hope when other doctors told us there wasn't any.


Dr. Green, I would like to thank you for making a baby possible for my husband and I. We have visited and worked with many different medical offices, staff, and doctors. Your office has by far been the best overall. You and your assistant were so kind and accommodating to my many calls and questions and always made me feel like you both truly cared. We are beyond impressed with your services and have passed your name along to friends. Thank you for everything!


We just found out that we are pregnant! Thank you Dr. Green. We couldn't be more excited.


Thank you Dr. Green for everything that you've done for me.


There isn't a number high enough to give the rating that is deserved to Dr. Green and his staff. We both are still very impressed and pleased with everything and everyone. We look forward to sharing the big news with everyone 🙂


Hi, Dr. Green. In Feb this year you performed a vasectomy reversal on my husband, after he had a vasectomy 15 years ago. We are so excited and happy to tell you that we are now 7 weeks pregnant (lol we weren't even trying yet). We think you are an amazing doctor, we know how complex the operation was and yet you made it so simple and did an awesome job. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

D&C S.

Was very impressed that Dr. Green called and spoke to me after my email inquiry about a reversal. He was helpful and very informative. My vasectomy was over 12 years ago and my reversal went well. Dr. Green and the staff at surgery center were top notch. 3 months later, Dr. Green called to say the results of my spermanalysis was "amazingly good." So all is well and now the wait to welcome a new member to our family.

J&M C.

This is our second review of Dr. Green's services. Thanks to Dr. Green we got pregnant in just only a year after my husband's procedure. We welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world this March. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

J&J P.

I must say, Dr. Green and his staff are wonderful. The process from start to finish was easy and simple. Dr. Green answered all of our questions and any concerns we may have had. When it was time for the surgery I was so nervous, Dr. Green and his staff informed me that everything was going to be OK and that my husband would be just fine. My husband and I are super happy that we chose Dr. Green. We are now 4 months pregnant! Thank you, Dr. Green and Staff! PS - My husband still has the bell hahahaha ...

J&E S.

Video Message From Dr. Green

Click on the video to learn more about my Center for Vasectomy Reversal and to hear about one couple’s journey.


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